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Protinex Advanced Feed Industries is today a business conglomerate with a global reach and exposure for manufacturing and exporting high quality guar products from India. Protinex Advanced Feed Industries is a well-established and a reputed name in guar and cassia meal, owing to its rich experience of about three decades and prized assets of young and highly motivated professional team.

Protinex Advanced Feed Industries has one of the largest production facilities for high quality guar products in India having guar gum manufacturing plants over 80,000 MT of production every year. Operating in various segments, we had 5 manufacturing units employing over 300 professionals.

Since 1980, Protinex Advanced Feed Industries has brought together cutting-edge technology, innovation and an unflagging commitment to quality, to manufacture a wide range of products that have found global demand.

Protinex Advanced Feed Industries state-of-the-art, integrated facilities manufacture guar products. Its product range spans the Guar Korma, Roasted Guar Korma, Guar Churi, Cassia Meal and Sesbania Meal, and finds application across an increasing number of industries.

These products are manufactured in compliance with stringent global standards of plant operations, quality and safety. The company strives to achieve excellence through proactively addressing customer needs and requirements. Integral to this approach is the identification and development of customised products backed by research and development support.

Our Research and Development function is not only driven by organisational needs, but more importantly by customer needs. Our R&D centre employs state-of-the-art equipment that empowers engineers to consistently deliver customised solutions that meet, and at times, even exceed customer expectations.


Our research and development team performs in-depth research for exploring new products and technologies with cost effectiveness and outstanding services. The team is qualified and well equipped with having hands on experience in the same field since decades. To keep up with technological trends and product innovations an intensive research is essential but consequently the quality of the product remains undeterred. Each and every stage of production is inspected with accuracy to maintain quality standard of products. Quality, service and innovation are the main objectives on which the company survives enabling it to reach to the threshold in production.

Scientifically analyzing the product specifications, yielding new product trials and its widespread uses are determined carefully by our fortified R and D division hence giving an additional room for expanding the business.


The total annual capacity of Protinex Advanced Feed Industries is 1,25,000 MT for gual meal and 40,000 MT for cassia and sessbania meal. Protinex Feed has five world class manufacturing units located in the states of Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and Gujarat.

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